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Corporate Communication

We help organizations:

Communicate effectively
Build strong relationships & reputations
Develop messages that resonate with the people who matter to you

Our commitment to you

We are committed to be constantly improving and adopting best practices to help our clients achieve their goals. Everything we do is centred around clear, truthful and trustworthy communication and we adhere to the code of ethics and standards established by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS).

MJ Martin

Award-winning public relations practitioner and corporate communicator

Mary Jane Martin is a communication management consultant specializing in digital, corporate and internal communication. Clients include: technology companies, government ministries and agencies and financial service companies.  She is the recipient of national awards in writing and communication planning and was named Toronto Public Relations Practitioner of the Year in 2012.

Mary Jane has a Master of Science in Communication Management from Syracuse University and is an accredited member and Fellow of the Canadian Public Relations Society.  She was also chair of IABC Toronto’s Professional Independent Communicators group and a 2017 Gold Quill Awards Blue Ribbon panelist.

Mary Jane is committed to Public Relations education and teaches Public Relations planning at Ryerson University and Public Relations ethics at the University of Victoria.

With over 25 years of experience, organizations also look to MJ for strategic advice on employee engagement, issues management and crisis preparedness.

As Chief Consultant, MJ Martin & Company, MJ brings together and leads expert teams (designers, videographers, illustrators and programmers) to provide clients with the most effective tools to meet their business and communication needs.

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The importance of internal communication

Effective internal communication establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the employees on whom its success or failure depends. Is your organization communicating and listening to your most important audience? 

We help organizations:
  • Inform employees of the organization’s strategy and goals and provide the information they need to perform their assignments well
  • Promote standards of quality, efficiency, service and social responsibility
  • Recognize employees’ achievements
  • Create opportunities for two-way communication to generate feedback, questions, or concerns

Digital Communication in the Workplace

We have experience working in a variety of digital channels:

  • Intranet and collaborative platforms such as SharePoint
  • Enterprise Social Networking tools such as Yammer, Chatter, and Connections
  • Teleconferencing and telephone blasts
  • Email and Messaging tools
  • Video
  • Podcasting
  • Mobil enterprise app stores and employee apps

We create strategic communication programs that inform, inspire and engage employees.

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Why MJ Martin & Co?

MJ Martin has significant communication planning experience with a full spectrum of communication strategies and skill sets. In her not-for-profit, corporate, agency, government and volunteer work, she has developed and implemented a wide range of communication plans and tactics to enhance an organization’s profile, build key relationships, and support the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.
  • Embrace change.  Empower and engage employees.

    Mobile devices.  Always connected and always on.  No one is waiting for information; information is 24/7.  We text, Skype, Google, FaceTime, Snapchat, post, blog, tweet.... and talk.  Conversations cross multiple platforms and go beyond their intended audience.  It's not overwhelming; it's exhilarating.  It opens possibilities and reaches corners of your organization quickly and effectively.

    Employees are your champions and best sponsors -- especially when given the tools and trust to share what they know.  Employees are your first and best customer.  They are not just part of your communication plan; they are the plan.

  • Social media... no longer optional and often more effective than email.

    Gone are the days when organizations focused their social media only on customer campaigns or electronic employee bulletin boards. Social media -- and the digital tools evolving to support it -- has become one of the most effective two-way conversation mechanisms in the employee communication arsenal.

    Let's sit down and talk about how to harness the right digital tools to ensure your organization is at the virtual water cooler.

  • According to Fast Company magazine, an employee who feels inspired at work is nearly 125 percent more productive than a satisfied one.  Let us help you reach, engage and inspire your employees.