Research & Evaluation

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MJ Martin - Internal Communications - Toronto

What is the current use of digital tools in Canadian organizations today?

We are working with Leger Marketing to help communicators understand the current and future state of internal communication.

What are the implications in terms of resources, training and education needed to succeed now and in the future?

MJ Martin - PR Toronto - strategist

You cannot determine measurable communication objectives without first researching the situation and getting a baseline from which to determine your strategy.

From conducting environmental scanning, focus groups, content analysis, surveys and interviews, MJ Martin & Company can help you build your communication program from a foundation of facts rather than intuition.

Once the communication campaign begins, it will be regularly monitored and, if necessary, elements will be adjusted.

At the end of the program, a comprehensive evaluation report will be delivered that is linked directly to the stated communication objectives – we do not go back and “adjust” the goals and objectives of the program to suit the outcome.

Research & Evaluation Services include:

Focus group research

Surveys and questionnaires

Personal and telephone interviews

Content analysis

Media Rating Points (MRP) analysis

Social media analysis